The Journal of Behavioral Public Administration invites papers for a symposium on Taking “Behavioral” in Behavioral Public Administration Literally co-edited by Kevin Smith (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Ulrich Jensen (Arizona State University) and Joanna Lahey (Texas A&M University & NBER).

Behavioral Public Administration is an interdisciplinary field that takes insights from many social sciences. The purpose of this symposium is two-fold: 

(1) To showcase Behavioral Public Administration research that takes ‘behavioral’ literally by focusing on revealed behavior as the explanatory or explained variable, and 
(2) To explore the different meanings of “behavioral” across the disciplines that contribute to Behavioral Public Administration and how these could be infused to the study of Behavioral Public Administration.

We especially welcome substantive research papers on taking the term “behavioral” in Behavioral Public Administration literally—what affects behaviors and what do behaviors affect? 

We are also interested in summary papers that enlighten readers to how a specific area of science or social science views the term “behavioral,” for example, the psychology of decision-making, behavioral sociology, behavioral genetics, political behavior, behavioral ethics, and so on, and what insights that field can provide to Behavioral Public Administration. Summary papers are encouraged to synthesize how theories and methodologies of areas of science can help inform and advance the study of public administration from a behavioral perspective. These papers will be part of JBPA’s ‘Perspectives & Practices’ format for theoretical perspectives or ‘Research Syntheses’ format if a meta-analysis or systematic review.


Summary papers:
June 15, 2021:  Please submit an abstract of up to one page to Ulrich Jensen, Please specify if you plan a Perspectives & Practices piece or a Research Synthesis piece.

July 1, 2021:  Authors notified of invitation to submit a full manuscript. Please note that an invitation to submit a manuscript is not a guarantee of publication.

February 1, 2022:  Full manuscripts due.

Research papers:
Research papers will be evaluated on an ongoing basis without the need for an abstract and can be submitted directly to the journal, noting that your submission is for the Taking “Behavioral” Literally symposium. The due date for submitting a research paper for the symposium is February 1, 2022. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us ( ) if you would like to know if your research paper is appropriate for the symposium.  

Please note that all manuscripts submitted for this symposium will undergo double-blind peer review with final decisions regarding publication being made by JBPA editors.