Call for Production Editor

JBPA is looking for a motivated, detail-oriented editor with an interest in behavioral public administration to join the editorial team to head the production of our new journal. The Production Editor would work closely with JBPA’s three founding editors and would have primary responsibility for the final review and production stage of articles for publication online at It is expected that the production editor will have a research assistant or administrative assistant to help with the production process. Specifically, the JBPA production editor would have the following responsibilities:

  • Receive accepted manuscripts from the editors and review elements required to begin production (author information, open science elements, references, etc.).
  • Work closely with JBPA’s transparency editors to determine the award of open science badges.
  • Supervise the formatting of the paper (including front matter, abstract, text, tables and figures) as page proofs following JBPA’s article template (in Word) and related style guidelines.
  • Return page proofs to the JBPA editors along with any notes or comments.
  • Have access to research assistants or support staff as needed to help carry out the above tasks.
  • Participate in monthly editorial meetings via Skype.
  • Note: JBPA publishes 25-30 articles per year, so the production editor would need to produce about 2-3 articles per month, on average.

JBPA is an open-access, nonprofit journal that has already established itself as a major outlet for important work in the growing subfield of behavioral and experimental public administration. The production editor will become a full member of the editorial team with recognition on JBPA’s website and the ability to help shape the journal’s policies, procedures and prospects for the future.

If interested, please send a letter to the editors outlining your qualifications and available support for the production editor role (available time, research assistants, staff, etc.). Please feel free to contact any of the editors (emails below) if you have questions or need more information.

Thank you!

  • Sebastian Jilke (
  • Kenneth Meier (
  • Gregg Van Ryzin (

Editors, Journal of Behavioral Public Administration